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Sales Agreement

Since we process our orders fairly quickly, you have a very short period of time to cancel an order. Once the order has been processed, all cancelled orders where your credit card is charged and refunded are subject to a 5% processing fee. This is what the bank charges us to charge and refund your credit card. Although this is unfortunate, it is a pass through charge and there are no exceptions. However, this may be avoided by applying the charge to another item you would like to purchase.

I have read and I understand the return policy .

International Orders: For all international orders, we are not responsible for any customs or brokerage fees that you or we will incur. In the event of a return, you are responsible to pay for your customs and brokerage fees as well as our customs and brokerage fees. No exceptions. We will only ship to you under the above conditions. Please understand this before placing an international order.

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