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Frequently Asked Questions for Drop Shipping

Shipping and Handling


What are your shipping rates?

 EconomyUPS Ground
Continental USA $5.95 $8.00
Non Continental USA (AK, HI, Other Islands) Will not ship
** For all shipping methods, each additional item is $2 **


How long is the shipping time?

Normal transit times are shown below in our transit map.

Transit Map


Do you allow 3rd party shipping?

No, we only use our own shipping accounts.


Do you ship internationally?

No.  Only to the lower 48 states in the USA


Do you ship to APO or PO Boxes?

Yes, we ship to PO Boxes but we do NOT ship to APO.


What are your handling charges?



What is your handling time?

One to two business days depending on the time of year.


What days do you ship?

We ship orders Monday - Thursday.


What shipping carriers do you use?



How will you be providing the tracking information to us once an order is shipped?

One of two ways you can go to Blowout Bedding and use the order number to track the shipment additionally you will be sent an email with the tracking number.


Does the shipping time change during any time of the year?



Do you provide an invoice or receipt in the shipment when it is packaged?

No, generally we only do blind drop shipping no paperwork is included.


What happens if a customer refuses a delivery?

If your customer unfortunately, refuses a delivery for any reason, you are responsible for the shipping cost both to and from the customer. Note: You will be charged the actually cost UPS charges us for the return shipping. The charge for the return may be considerably more than the standard $7 flat rate shipping fee to deliver to your customer. This cost depends on your customer's return shipping location.



Do you offer inventory updates?

Yes. When items are out of stock we send updates once to twice a week. New items can be found on the website and will state they are new and additionally will appear in product feed


How many products are offered?

Thousands and growing.



How do I send order information?

Just login and place your order.  Your discount should be automatically applied.


Are there any shipping/selling restrictions for any of your products?

No. We do not have any MAP restrictions either.


Are there any restrictions preventing products from shipping to any US states?



What are your drops ship fees?

There are no fees. The price you pay is the price you see on the website minus your coupon code


Do you allow terms?

Everything is prepaid by credit card, google checkout, or PayPal.


Operations (hours/contact)

Do you close anytime during the year?



Who would be our primary contact person?

Customer service:

Phone number: (888)546-4940


Who would we contact about returning products?




Do you accept returns?

Yes, we do accept returns with-in 30 days


Do you have any rules on which items can be returned?

Items can not be used or washed and sheet sets and duvets can not be returned if they have been removed from the zippered package and unfolded.


Is there a minimum value of a return?



Do you require an RMA?



Is there a restocking fee?

Yes and $7.00 shipping cost is not refunded.


Who pays return shipping?

The customer or you.


Is there a return time frame?

Must be returned with-in 30 days of delivery.


What is required for the return to be processed?

All returns are required to include paperwork in the box, stating the reason for returning the item(s). An email and/or pictures that are emailed to us will not be acceptable. If the paperwork stating the reason for return is not included with the return, a 20% deduction in the refund will be unfortunately assessed for inspection of the returned item(s).


Product Feeds

Feed Description:

  • sku - this is our unique product identification number
  • upc
  • name
  • description
  • short_description
  • msrp - Retail Price
  • price - This is our sale price
  • you_price - This is your price after discount
  • color - product color
  • size - product size
  • sheet_set_color - sheet set colors for the set.  This is usually only for bedding sets.
  • feature01 - product features
  • feature02
  • feature03
  • feature04
  • feature05
  • feature06
  • feature07
  • feature08
  • feature09
  • feature10
  • specification01 - product specifications
  • specification02
  • specification03
  • specification04
  • specification05
  • ship_depth
  • ship_height
  • ship_width
  • weight
  • image - path to product image. It is very important that you DO NOT direct link to images on our website. You will be blocked. If you are direct linking to our site, it is bandwith theft (also called hot linking/hotlinking, remote linking, remote loading, or leeching).
  • is_in_stock - "yes" for in-stock and "no" for out of stock

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